20-11-2022: 'GoFiT:The Relaxing Ones' comes out!
19-12-2021: 'Freedom' came out!
28-11-2021: 'Not that Large' new on YouTube!
23-10-2021: '****cination' out now!
16-9-2021: 'Complainig' comes out!
15-8-2021: 'Going on and on and on' out now!
18-6-2021: 'Biden' out on YouTube!
13-5-2021: 'China Blues' comes out!
19-4-2021: Release of  'Keine Lust' :)
11-4-2021: Official release of 'Lonely' on YouTube!
19-3-2021: 'Choral of Grief' released!
9-3-2021: 'Together' out now!
19-2-2021: 'Let's be careful out there' wil be released!
7-2-2021: 'Drama' out now!
19-1-2021: 'Bored' out!
5-1-2021: 'Time is Running' released!
19-12-2020: My new song 'Walking Alone' is out now!
3-12-2020: A new piece 'Rolling' out now!
19-11-2020: 'Hope' is out now!
1-11-2020: Official release of my new composition 'Waiting'!

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